Saturday, August 15, 2009

the business

The beautiful island is getting a buffeting: winds up to 100kph are screaming through Rotto on their way to the mainland, according to this ABC report.

Winds of change are on the way - maybe - for business on the island, too: this in today's POST Newspapers...

Business on the beautiful island is up for grabs.

The Rottnest Island Authority this week advertised new leases for six of the island's prominent businesses.

They are the Thomson Bay and Geordie Bay stores, the Geordie Bay cafe, the surf/clothing boutique in Thomson Bay, Brett Heady's Family Fun Park and the movie hall.

"All the leases will be available for renewal over a 12-month period commencing in October," RIA spokeswoman Joeley Pettit-Scott said.

"These types of leases have generally been held for a term of about five to 15 years and are subject to an open process for a preferred proponent when the lease is nearing conclusion."

After the September 17 closing date, "a number of respondents" would be invited to submit formal proposals.

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