Sunday, August 09, 2009

"not as interesting"

Have a look at this clown in The Age, who's been on Lord Howe Island:

"It's prettier than Hayman Island, more exotic than Kangaroo Island and more interesting than Rottnest Island. In fact, if it were less friendly and more expensive it would qualify as a temperate piece of French Polynesia."

We haven't been to LHI, but after a cursory glance at it's Wikipedia entry we're sure Rotto is about a hundred times more interesting.

This bloke, in comparison, has the right idea: " was forecasted to be a sunny and windless day, ideal for the 'Rotto box' which is what is known for the biggest wave located on the most Western end of Rottnest Island."

He got some good waves a month ago - enjoy the pics.

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