Thursday, August 20, 2009

door didn't fit

An acquaintance remembered our review of the food at the hotel and pointed us to this assessment of the rooms.

" was noisy, dirty, front door ill-fitting and the bed was far too soft", says AnnaB from Ballajura.

You would never describe the beds in the bungalows as too soft. We looked for other reviews of stuff on the beautiful island but didn't find much - not even an account on eatingwa of Aristos (which we liked).

Someone else mentioned that WA Business News had an item about a Leaf Tea House starting on Rottnest: that weekly publication doesn't let you look at its stuff for free, so we can't confirm.

We can confirm this tweet by The Worst of Perth: 'Brett Heady fights to keep his broken pinball machines on Rottnest. "People are happy if a machine takes their money if a former Eagle gets'

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