Monday, August 24, 2009

the turquoise liquid

We think legendary Middle Eastern reporter Robert Fisk has been reporting from the beautiful island.

This bizarre copy is bylined parliamentarian Fisk, and he reports: "An iconic pass instruction for Perth residents, with 70 per coin of visitors reaching for a period out, the whole island is separate as a nature jock and the near humour as a marine park."

He soon touches on two key elements of the Rottnest experience - booze and indigenous people: "the island is believed to be a locate of alcohol and is of meaning to the Aboriginal communities."

His prose transcends purple when he discusses the island's physical attractions: "The island is prizewinning explored by cycle as clannish cars are not allowed. The 24-km (15-mi) line around the get runs finished whatever of the most bonny scenery, expiration small, blonde beaches in private coves. The island has a amount of 63 beaches and 20 bays, whatever of the best in the world, and the turquoise liquid makes tearful here a must."

I wish someone would tell me what these sites are. Auto-generated blogs that grab copy chunks in the hope of luring Google users? Anyone?


  1. It's possibly an automated computer translation from some other language. Also this month there was advice on small tattoos:

    "Since these tattoos are small, you crapper easily conceal them with your sleeves or underpants or anything. This is rattling favourable especially if you module go to a conventional circumstance..."

    Crapper probably is translated from can, which is American slang for a thunderbox. LOL.

  2. cheers Paul...and here's another one (which hasn't been through the translator):