Wednesday, August 12, 2009

horse over water

A western suburbs identity has slipped Rotto Bloggo this beguiling pic.

It was taken 72 years ago - before the identity was born.

It shows his mother on a horse, his dad on a bike, and three other known people of interest.

Where was the photo taken? So far our enquiries have been fruitless.

We love the bikes.

Did these inhabitants of the beautiful island ever imagine they'd have to wear helmets?

We've never seen a horse on Rottnest.

Have a look at this Flickr photo for bygone Rotto horse action:

'Between 1906 and 1926, a horse-drawn passenger tram operated on Rottnest Island between the Army Jetty, a kilometre south of Thompson Bay, through the Settlement to Tent City. It is seen here outside the General Store. Parts of this rail are still visible near the Army Jetty.'


  1. You can't be that young?!

    I've been on a riding camp on Rotto. Long rides along the beach and through the scrub.

    Sigh... good times...

  2. I AM that young!

    (but I look much older than you :-)

  3. Well you don't... but you look close enough in age that you would know about the horses.