Monday, August 03, 2009


Saw this via Twitter: a Mother Nature Network photoessay on seven car-free cities.

The tweeter (TreadlyAndMe) suggested adding Rottnest (also Lucca and Bergamo) to the list.

The MNN list is Sark (which we've touched on), Mackinac Island in Michigan, a Moroccan medina "home to more than 156,000 people...considered one of the largest contiguous car-free urban areas in the world", Hydra, La Cumbrecita in Argentina, Lamu Island in Kenya and of course Venice.

Rottnest is largely vehicle-free. There are police cars, tour buses, delivery vans, luggage trucks, forklifts...and the pristine vehicle pictured.

We saw it during our June sojourn. It picked up a bunch of people in south Thomson one morning, then was outside the visitor centre near the jetty. Why is it needed on the beautiful island?

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  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I've seen it being used to chauffeur fairly young looking Aboriginal 'elders.'

    Old codger.