Sunday, April 13, 2008

new map of paradise

Someone is working on a new map of Rottnest. Jo Ackland at Cheeky Little Maps had some coverage in Post Newspapers yesterday about her "tourist map for locals" of Cottesloe.

The image in the paper is too small to make out much detail, although you can read: "It's a map that tells you all the places I love". The Post described it as "a hand-drawn introduction to her favourite places to eat, play, visit and entertain.

Kind of like a visual Lonley Planet guide, maybe? We emailed Jo and she said: "Just started the Rottnest one last week...if you have any great titbits on the island you would recommend I'd be happy to check them out the next time I'm over."

Hopefully Jo can mention the mostly car-free zone. She could say it's like Sark, the Channel Island where cars are verboten but they have horse-drawn vehicles, bikes, the odd tractor, and gofers for seniors.

Is Rotto twinned with any other islands? Sark (pop. around 600) would be a good start if not. We note it was the last feudal state in Europe until this month. "Fiefdom was abolished by the amending of electoral laws to grant universal suffrage and fully elected governance," says Wikipedia.

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