Thursday, April 17, 2008

golden Rotto sun and beer

We had to post this Flickr photo on Rotto Bloggo: it’s magnificent.

It was taken on March 12 with a Canon PowerShot SD540. Flickr user isurusen lives in New York and seemed to enjoy his WA trip. He has a nice photo of Roadkill jerky (Ring Burner flavour) here. Thanks isurusen.

Speaking of great Rottnest images...we also love this one. Very refreshing! It has all the ingredients of a great Rotto time (except, perhaps, for a book and a Scrabble board). We Flickr-mailed the owner (we’re usually very responsible when it comes to copyright) asking for permission to give it a Rotto Bloggo airing but there was no reply.

Gage Roads has been styling itself as the beer for Rottnest, of course. It was the “official beer” for the 2006 swim. You think?

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