Tuesday, April 15, 2008

flash salad

We were having a look through recent Rotto pictures on Flickr and came across this one, by Johnny Gun. Who would've thought Rottnest Express was bilingual?

In a recent Sunday Times column a legal eagle was ranting about fast food on Rotto: "Nowhere is sacrosanct. Even Rottnest, where the glorious morning aroma of the bakery was once a joy to one’s senses, has fallen prey to the tentacles of the fast-food barons. So much for astute government planning."

While it's not food-related, this is the sort of reference we need more of in sports journalism: from the Herald Sun: "HAD Daniel Kerr found his target during the western derby on Saturday, Rhys Palmer would have landed on Rottnest Island...there is an intermittent fault in the signal box in Kerr's trams and trains department that needs to be rectified if he is to be everything he can be as a footballer."

Maybe Kerr needs to spend more time on Rottnest, especially on the train.

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