Friday, April 25, 2008

did he bite off a quokka's head?

"Back in the 70s, I met rocker Alice Cooper. My younger brother and I went to his concert here in Perth, and my brother ran to the front of the stage and was crushed.

"He was taken to hospital (not badly hurt, but kept in for observation for a few days). When Alice's manager heard of this, he contacted the hospital, and my Mum, and asked if it was OK for Alice to visit my brother. The next day (I took the day off school) Alice and his dancers visited my brother (with the dancers in costume) in the hospital. Alice's manager, Shep Gordon, explained that it was their day off, and they were going to Rottnest to do some fishing.

"Alice signed autographs, and was genuinely concerned about my brother. He said nobody had been injured at his concerts before. He was friendly, charming and nothing at all like his onstage character.

"I remember being shocked when I read a few months later that on his return to the US he entered a rehabilatation clinic for alcohol abuse. I saw absolutely no sign of anything "unstable" about him during his visit to the hospital. Needless to say, my brother and I have been long-time fans of Alice ever since!"

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