Friday, August 28, 2009

canola island

We've had a paint colour called Rottnest Orange, there's been Rottnest salt - and there's Rottnest canola.

Say what? It is for real.

"TWO Badgingarra farmers believe a decades-old European system of farming could become one of the most exciting developments in WA's agricultural history," says this Farm Weekly story - and there's a pic of one of them in a field of yellow Rottnest canola.

Rotto Bloggo is not terribly agricultural. We got a bit lost in the story's discussion of spading, coil packers and power harrows.

There's another pic here of blokes in a yellow field of Rottnest canola.

"Rottnest is an early to mid triazine tolerant (TT) canola with broad flexibility in terms of its ‘cut off’ finishing date," the release says.

"Rottnest has a 7.5 Blackleg rating, oil content similar to Beacon and yields in the order of 110% of Tornado and Bravo. It ranked third in the 2006 WA national variety trials (NVT) amongst the TT varieties and first in its maturity class."

Right. How about that Blackleg rating!

We don't have our own image of Rottnest canola. So we've taken this one from a Dept of Ag media release. It could be Rottnest canola, but don't quote us.

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Someone could make a fortune mixing it with mutton bird oil and spraying it on the lithe bodies at the Basin. A bloke use to do similar at Bondi Beach in the 1950s and 60s. :)