Monday, July 30, 2007

best Rotto book

One of Rotto Bloggo's links is busted.

Someone left a comment recently, pointing out the link to the UWA Press site for 'Rottnest Island: A Documentary History' is broken.

Alas, it is so, and we can't find a decent link at UWA or indeed anywhere to this must-have publication.

We fired up Bookfinder: there's a copy in the UK via Amazon - it seems the softcover - for about $66.

In Oz there are two copies: they both seem to be the hardback edition. One is $75, the other $78.

If you're loaded Robert Muir has a copy signed by two of the authors for $93.

Sorry about the broken link: we'll try and find a permanent spot on the WWW where RIADH resides.

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  1. Liz Howson8:55 PM

    Hi there David, the someone was me! I'm interested in rottnest collectables; loved the ashtray you showed recently. I just bought a copy of Quokka Island (Leslie Rees)from ebay and I have a memory of a book called quentin the quokka which I'd like to get my hands on too. Where do you pick up your collectables?