Monday, July 16, 2007

"snorkel-friendly grottos"

People in New York's Hudson Valley and the Catskills have been urged to visit Rottnest.

Their 'guy Down Under', Aaron Munzer, has included the beautiful island in his list of '10 things you can't miss' about our land girt by sea.

The Grampians, Salamanca Markets, Magnetic Island, the footy and the Great Barrier Reef all cop a mention - as does Rotto.

Aaron only has Rotto at #7 on his list, but at least it's on.

"The name Rottnest Island, Western Australia, makes it sound like a haven for Dutch pirates, but nowadays its only permanent inhabitants are the tame, cat-sized marsupials called quokkas and their buddies, the peacocks, who love leftover sandwiches (but don't feed them, you could get kicked off the island)," he reports.

"Its deep, snorkel-friendly grottos are filled with coral and tropical fish, and the stellar waves on the side facing the Indian Ocean draw surfers from around Australia."

(Isn't a grotto a small cave, usually with attractive features?)

"You can rent a bike for the day or get a guided tour from the friendly bus drivers. There's a picturesque lighthouse on one end of the island, and World War II ruins dot the higher points on the landscape."

(Hmm, actually the guns are in superb nick, but that is a mere bagatelle of a quibble).

Aaron writes for the Times Herald-Record, so we expect eager visitors from places like Woodstock, Roscoe and Jeffersonville to be catching ferries from Fremantle soon.

Warning: the Rotto peacocks aren't to be confused with warbler Burt Bacharach.


  1. i liked the recommendation to shout out "bunch of bloody useless blokes" at the footy, that should make you fit right in!

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Hi, this is Aaron. The guy who wrote the article.

    A grotto, in addition to being "a small cave, usually with attractive features" is also a cave that floods often during high tide. So, while my usage of it might not be entirely accurate, I thought it got the point across. I just wanted to clear up the record: I didn't number the places; Rottnest was not my number seven. It should have been higher. Also, the WWII forts I visited on the island were definitely ruined. Just an observation. I'm sure there are guns in 'superb nick', but they must hide them very well. I guess that like the drop bears, the ruins are just for Americans.

    Anyways, I'm glad you all enjoyed the article, I hope. Expect a flood of visitors from upstate NY. Cheers.