Thursday, July 19, 2007

a Rottnest film

Another Rotto film.

We were sorry to miss ‘Amy Goes to Wadjemup Island’ at the St Kilda Film Festival’s Perth run earlier this month.

Director Denise Groves tells Rotto Bloggo filming was last year.

“The initial film shoot took 5 days but we were in post - production for about a year,” Denise says.

Amy is eight minutes long and has 3D animation. Here’s the blurb from producer Jennifer Gherardi’s website:

‘Amy visits the island with her family, who while on holiday, are challenged to integrate the past incarceration of indigenous prisoners at the beginning of the colony in Western Australia. Amy and her family embody a contemporary acceptance of the past and present. Metaphorically they venture into the future by finding their own way of reconciling their experience during their visit. Amy makes a special connection with the quokkas and she establishes her own way of seeing and dreaming.’

And this from the St Kilda Festival site:

‘When seven-year-old Amy visits the holiday island with her family, they remember the past incarceration and death of Indigenous prisoners held there at the beginning of the West Australian colony. Amy’s innocence is also disturbed as she finds the indigenous animals, quokkas, are under pressure from human habitation.’

If you want to add ‘Amy Goes to Wadjemup Island’ to your Rottnest collection, email and get $17 plus $5 postage and handling ready.

We’ve updated the Wikipedia entry.

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