Saturday, July 21, 2007

"extremely liked island"

More international approval of Rottnest. We're very bilingual, thanks to Babelfish.

This German gives Rotto's beaches the thumbs-up:

Also the close convenient and extremely liked island "rotting nest Iceland" is to be explored with its fantastic beaches absolutely. The name this received from its Netherlands discoverer Willem de Vlamingh, to that the small Quokkas (Minikaengurus) in 17. Century for rats held.

We're also into property ownership, s/he observes of Perth:

Approximately around the "town center" about 30 "Suburbs" developed. This Suburbs or suburbs consists to the largest part of property or renting houses. Australians love it to possess their own house. Dwellings are to be found direct rather atypical and in the city center. The Suburbs is equipped with a good infrastructure. One finds own parka situations, Shoppingcenter as well as kindergartens and schools.

Babelfish really is impressive. Rotto Bloggo had assumed it could only handle Latin/Roman characters, but no - it does Japanese and Korean too! How amazement.

We liked the pictures on this Korean blog...and here's what he says about cycling on Rotto:

It puts two hands even from the uphill road and it burns,! ! It is how! Two hands it will put from the mileage plan elementary school motion market and and Baeng Baeng it goes round.. Like that.. ting Isn't degree level! ! u Under under; ; -_- ... The muscle place it takes and it puts and.. It stops and it builds and to be taking it appears.. Sound -_-; Should have been seen with the whole course degree of difficulty of the island the cotton, so smooth but the facility which is not all. Like Cheju-Do quite or the uphill and the downhill become repetition. The person where the experience or the physical strength which other see the bicycle especially are insufficient.. Only suffering quality phen description below tightly good terrain -_-;

Right. And he likes the West End:

The as well most beautiful scenery in the effort end which is strenuous Oh! the thing authorization which is the possibility of meeting! !

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