Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rottnest Sun and Lighthouse

Rottnest Sun and Lighthouse
Originally uploaded by Dave Curtis
To Rotto today for five glorious days.

The Sunday Times says the weather is set to be rough this afternoon, so hopefully we’ll be in our villa before the worst hits.

Good stuff, that wind, as Premier Carps said earlier this week, as he praised the wind power on Rotto:

‘Perth householders could soon be using the “Fremantle Doctor” to save energy and cut electricity bills.

‘Premier and Minister for Science and Innovation, Alan Carpenter today announced State Government funding for two projects that could lead the way to electricity being generated from small wind turbines on suburban roofs.

‘Mr Carpenter said WA was a world leader in the development of innovative, renewable energy solutions.

‘Other technologies developed in the State include…the wind-diesel technology installed by Verve Energy in remote areas of WA including Hopetoun, Coral Bay and Rottnest Island and now being considered for other parts of Australia and the world…’

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