Sunday, July 15, 2007

badroom secrets

A stark contrast during Rotto Bloggo's recent five-day sojourn.

We were in an eight-bedder, and the time had been carefully assigned.

Rotto Bloggo had one all the time, as did another pair.

However...the other two bedrooms were divided: a couple of people the first couple of days, then a couple plus kids were moving in.

(They were meant to come for three nights, but only managed two: their ferry journey was cancelled, and it didn't seem that rough...)

Anyway...the images you see here are how the first lot left their rooms for the couple and kids...

One excellent, and shall we say...not so good.

Even the curtains are crooked in the not-so-good example.

Also, we note in today's excellent The Sunday Times a young model named Bridget Malcolm is enthusing about stuff.

She loves Rottnest! But she dislikes the cooler months...

"I hate winter! I hate the cold and the wind and the rain," she says.

Even in a Rotto villa with the heater on, knocking back some red and playing Scrabble?

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