Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Teg? Grat? Na?

All perfectly legitimate, according to the OSW.

The OSW is the Official Scrabble Words, and lists all the permissible words from two letters to nine letters.

Even prez is in there.

Scrabble is the Rottnest board game of choice, and Rotto Bloggo has many fond Scrab memories.

There was the time someone was caught using a letter tile as a blank. There was the time someone memorably described putting down all seven letters (and thus scoring the extra 50 points) as a boardbuster.

Rottnest isn't in the OSW: if it was, it'd be between rotting and rotula.

Quokka is in, but Lancier isn't.

If Longreach was in, it's be between longnesses and longs.

Geordie is in, but Wadjemup is not (it would be between wadis and wadmaal).

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