Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rottnest bagged

In our quest for Rottnest memorabilia, we saw this today:

"...two DMH Outdoors Rottnest sleeping bags. The two bags can be zipped together to form one large bag. I paid about $80 for the two bags 4 months ago and only used them one time."

Who would have thought it? Sleeping bags named after the beautiful island.

The bags won't be zipped together in Tentland: the RIA is closing Tentland as it sits on the Aboriginal cemetery (news that even made the Supernatural News website).

"Chairman Laurie O’Meara said ground-probing radar showed most of the Allison camping area in Thomson Bay was formerly a burial ground for Aboriginal prisoners and that campers had caused deep disruptions to the soil in the sensitive area," The West reported last week.

"The authority would set up a temporary area for 18 tents this summer, including five at the edges of Tentland and another 13 which were close to a nearby oval.
"Mr O’Meara said the authority was committed to keeping a full-sized campsite on the island and was looking for a new location, possibly one with beachfront views."

"The island has been racked by problems over the years,” Cedric Jacobs, from the Whadjuk Tribal Sovereign Lands group, told The West.

“Once the campers go, you will see peace come back to the place.”

And now someone says part of the Lodge should be closed:

"The Rottnest Island Authority has backed calls to stop use of a section of the Rottnest Island Lodge after an eminent historian likened it to holidaying at Auschwitz concentration camp because nearly 300 Aboriginals had died in the rooms," The West reported yesterday.

A Rottnest holiday is being part of the Final Solution! Goodness me. Perhaps we can all wear special-shaped yellow stars when we get the ferry to Thomson Bay!

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