Thursday, August 23, 2007

Your Space?

Got a spare space on your wall crying out for original art?

Look no further than Rotto Bloggo: we can guide you to a superb Rottnest image.

Perth-based emerging artist Alli Sylvestre posted this on eBay yesterday.

Item number 270157400213 is an oil on board artwork called In Each Other’s Space.

It’s about “about being completely relaxed with friends and soaking up the sun and the atmosphere of Rottnest”, as Alli explains in her listing.

It’s attracted glory: the painting won the Curtin Award of Recommendation at the Town of Vincent Art Awards this month.

The cost? A mere $850. Postage is an extra $150, but to sweeten the deal for Perth buyers, Alli will do free delivery to the metro area.

Get out your tape measure: In each Other’s Space is 970w by 935h by 70d.

It’s in a limewashed wood frame and ready to hang.

“Are you charging a commission if it sells?” Alli enquired, somewhat suspiciously, when Rotto Bloggo sought permission to use the eBay image.

No no: we’re just spreading the word about Rotto images.

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