Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Did you see that SBS show the other night on The Triffids?

There was Paul Kelly and others saying how wonderful the Perth band was.

This from the Brisbane Times: "If Bruce Springsteen had put out Wide Open Road, it would have been a monstrous hit," says the Church's Steve Kilbey. "To me, it's tantamount to an Australian Born to Run."

High praise indeed - and correct. "By 1988 their fame was such that NME invited the group to contribute to the Beatles tribute album Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father alongside Billy Bragg and Wet Wet Wet," says the Wikipedia entry.

Rotto Bloggo couldn't help but notice two Rottnest moments during the show on this quintessentially WA band.

There was a few seconds footage from a music video between two villas in either Thomson Bay or Geordie: one band member was shovelling sand over a wall, while another was shovelling it back in.

Then there was footage of people at the Quokka Arms drinking and turning pink in the sun.

Almost as if it was Too Hot To Move.

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