Monday, August 27, 2007


With all the fuss being created by Wikiscanner last week, Rotto Bloggo thought we’d have a look at the history of the Rottnest Island article on Wikipedia.

The first entry was done on Anzac Day 2003. All up there’s been 195 edits.

This was in the first entry, but isn’t in the current one:

'Each year, around November, the island is inundated with school leavers and university students, who celebrate their graduation with extended bouts of binge drinking at the bar in Thompson's Bay (called the "Quokka Arms") and at rented cabins and units. In [[1986]], outrageous student behaviour resulted in multiple arrests and expulsions from the island, and made national news.'

On 16 August 2005 there was a POV problem, and some superlatives had to go:

'The Rottnest Lodge is a high quality hotel located in the centre of the settlement at Thomson Bay, and the ever popular and recently refurbished Quokka Arms now offers a fabulous beer garden, quality restaurant and superb ocean views.'

There doesn’t seem to have been vandalism on the level of those naughty public servants (you’ll remember they inserted ‘poo bum dicky wee wee’ on an entry about martial arts), but Wikipedia doesn’t like commercial links. On 16 July last year someone slipped in the URL, but it was removed a minute later.

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