Wednesday, August 08, 2007

stony ground

There's a little bit of Rottnest in West Perth.

Rotto Bloggo was amazed to learn Rottnest sandstone was used to build Parliament House:

"The present Harvest Terrace frontage and the two Chambers of Parliament House were completed in 1904. Later additions included the eastern frontage and the members bar (1964), offices on the southern side (1978), the visitors bar (1980), the gymnasium/courtyard (1988) and offices on the northern side (2003).

"The facade of the 1904 structure incorporates Rottnest sandstone; later extensions are faced with Donnybrook sandstone. Locally quarried granite was used in the entrance foyer floors and steps, and the internal stairs and wall treatments are Italian Travertine marble. Wood panelling throughout is fluted and polished jarrah."

Sometimes they ask questions about Rottnest in a building that's made out of Rottnest.

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