Monday, August 20, 2007

are you Experienced?

What do public toilets and changerooms, linen and bedding, and shore facilities and fuel services for boaters have in common?

They’re areas that don’t rate well in surveys of people who have been to Rotto.

“To continue to satisfy customers, those aspects that continue to be less positively rated than others (and are used by many visitors) should be reviewed,” as Evaluating the Rottnest Island Experience (Final Report) puts it.

The Final Report is wonderful reading and Rotto Bloggo will quote from it in greater length this week.

But getting the Final report was an effort.

The RIA’s Penni Fletcher-Hughes wouldn’t release it: “The research forms part of our business operations. Some of the results are published in our annual reports. The report is not made available for the public.”

So of course Rotto Bloggo has to send in its cheque for $30 to the RIA’s Freedom of Information coordinator, Fiona Westenhaver.

The Final Report was sent to us – but not all of it.

In order to get most of it, Rotto Bloggo agreed stuff about businesses like Red Rooster could be left out.

“I…have removed third party information on pages 29 and the entire section on “Businesses on Rottnest island”,” Fiona wrote.

“The third party information refers to visitors opinions of businesses on the Island and as such the RIA would need to seek third party approval to release this information.”

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