Saturday, June 02, 2007

the shady avenue

More excitement in the Rotto Bloggo compound as we take delivery of a magnificent Rottnest artefact.

This pamphlet, which is more than 40 years old, is 22.5cm high by 14.5cm wide (good things come in small packages).

On the back it has general info on the island ("West Australia's premier holiday resort...three miles in breadth at its widest point"), lists four points of interest ("Swimming Basin - From the Moreton Bay fig tree near the grocer's shop proceed along the bitumen under the shady avenue of trees and past the tennis courts and school house...").

For more info you were encouraged to apply to the Western Australian Government Tourist Bureau, which was Hay Street, opposite Foys, phone number 212471.

The Bureau branch office in Freo was on Victoria Quay: phone number 53014.

But inside the pamphlet is more excitement.

There's a typewritten schedule of air and boat services, details about food costs and info on 'Trips Around The Island'.

Woods Airways has five flights a week: Monday, Wednesday, two on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Macrobertson Miller Airlines Ltd (there's a blast from the past) has five flights a week (only one on Friday).

A return adult flight on both airlines was three pounds eight shillings.

It was much cheaper on the Temeraire: 15 shillings for an adult return ("Day Excursion only").

You could have something to eat "Cafeteria Style" at the Tearooms, fork out 12/6 for a hotel lunch, or 7/6 to eat at the hostel.

"Prior arrangements for luncheon are not usually necessary," the pamphlet advises.

(As they aren't today: you just run like buggery towards Dome when you get off the ferry).

After lunch, the pamphlet suggests you take the 'Around the Island Tour': "A very comprehensive tour which gives the day visitor a good look over the island."

The pamphlet was issued on August 20, 1959.

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