Thursday, May 31, 2007

a hole in the wall

An update on the Geordie Café for sale…

Rotto Bloggo called Robbie Doyle at WA Prestige Properties to have a chat about the business.

He’s a very personable Irishman who’s been in WA for seven years.

The café is sub-leased: lease-holder Emily is selling after six years.

“She’s an amazing young woman: she started the café from nothing, an empty space. It’s gone from a hole in the wall to a thriving foodie haven. She has leadership quality.”

(That’s what Rotto Bloggo hears: an island source told us recently that it’s the best place to eat and all the locals go there.)

Why is she selling?

“She wants to plan the next phase of her life,” says Robbie. “Her partner…works up north. She was only 20 or 21 when it opened.”

Emily called Robbie because she’s seen his name on a number of commercial listings.

“I went over there – I’d never been before – and I fell in love with the place (Rottnest). It (the café) works because of the simplicity, the cheap Red Dot plastic furniture – it’s a ‘build it and they will come’ thing.”

Isn’t it a bit surprising someone would sell, if the big Broadwater place will eventually be open around the corner?

“This is my own personal opinion: when a woman gets to 26, 27, 28, her biological clock starts ticking. She thinks ‘I’ve achieved this – I’m happy – I’ve found a good man’. I think her relationship is taking more of her attention.”

The property has been on the market for about two months. Robbie says he’s had enquiries from America, South Africa – and four from the UK in the past two weeks.
*Photo is not Emily. And it's in Thomson Bay, not Geordie. Never mind.

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