Wednesday, May 30, 2007

why make billions...

From the last RIA annual report:
‘The Authority is developing a tender to publicly advertise for a new Agreement to commence in
July 2007.’

And it was so: the Transfield job discussed this week on Rotto Bloggo is up for grabs. It cost around $6.1 million last financial year.

Company bugles are saying little. Liz Jurman at Transfield’s Sydney office said Transfield “don’t really comment about contracts coming up”.

The RIA’s Claire Wright said she couldn’t talk about it ‘cos it was “still in the process of tender”.

She also said “significant value…appropriate amount of time…if it takes longer…can’t say…”

Here’s what the annual report says about the Agreement:

‘Many of the day-to-day services provided and operational work undertaken on Rottnest Island, including baggage handling, building and fixture maintenance jobs, waste collection and utilities supply management are undertaken by Transfield Services under a Facilities Management Agreement is now in its final year.

‘The works and services provided by the Facilities Management Agreement amounted to approximately $6.1 million in 2005/2006 of which around $0.4 million was recovered from revenue from fuel sales, insurance claims and utilities sales. The main expense areas for 2005/2006 included:

· Management Fee - $1.1 m
· Fuel and gas supplies – $0.46 m
· Baggage handling for visitors - $0.8 m
· Waste management – $0.3 m
· Buildings, facilities and vehicle maintenance - $0.9 m
· Cleaning services (accommodation and facilities) - $1.0 m
· Power generation and supply services - $1.23 m· Water generation and supply services - $0.3 m’

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