Sunday, May 27, 2007

board not bored

More ways of spending time on the island, both physically and imaginatively.

The Rottnest Society has organised two tree planting weekends: June 15-17 and August 10-12.

What a deal! Being on Rotto! Doing the environmental thing! A free ferry ticket! All it will cost you is $27 for accommodation (and what you have to spend on food, we guess).

"Rottnest Island pine, callitris preissii, and Rottnest Island tea tree, melaleuca lanceolata, seedlings will be planted, in areas fenced to keep quokkas out, once the winter rains have set it," says Post Newspapers.

Call Sue Folks at the Society on 9438 1413 or 0411 880 199 or email her at

In other news, we’re sure you’ll want to put The Rottnest Island Game on your birthday/Father’s Day/Foundation Day public holiday gift list.

It’s on a website called Board Game Geek: Rotto Bloggo isn’t sure how it works, but here’s the blurb:

“This is an educational game, endorsed by the Rottnest Island Authority and (heavily) sponsored by Agfa Film. It’s a standard Roll and Move game with a single path and a start and end. The first half of the path is by boat from the mainland to the island, the second half is by bike on the island itself. The main theme, not surprising given the sponsorship, is photographing wildlife.

“As usual with these sorts of games, various points along the path cause things to happen, mostly drawing a card of some sort. You win by getting a photograph of a quokka and getting to the end of the path. There are a group of six quokka photo squares, such that you can't possibly miss it on the way through.

“The main educational content of the game is a small brochure with (tourist) information about the island.”

Sounds good to us. The pics of the game look great. But how do you get a copy?

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