Monday, May 14, 2007

medical procedure off Rottnest

This footy story with a Rotto mention caught our eye on the weekend.
Western Bulldog Ryan Hargrave told Adelaide Now a story about pulling staples out of his stomach using scissors while on a boat.

"It is cringeworthy and slightly mad but, in a way, it sums up the under-rated Western Bulldogs defender," AN said. "If you want to talk about toughness and defying the pain barrier, Hargrave is your man."

"I was having a few beers with mates just a couple of weeks after the operation and we were on a boat heading to Rottnest Island," Hargrave says.

"I had staples in my stomach and when I started to get sea-sick the staples were rubbing, so I got some scissors and took them out."

"The operation he was talking about was major surgery to remove an abscess the size of an orange from his bowel and have half-a-litre of puss drained from his abdomen", said AN.

(Rotto Bloggo is sure they mean pus).

Ryan Hargrave has played 102 games, kicked 26 goals, and been suspended by the tribunal for a total of six weeks.

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