Thursday, May 17, 2007

sky spectrum...

...or a path between earth and heaven?

More great Rottnest images courtesy of a Flickr member.

delcond has a lovely selection of Rotto photos: we love 'A Part of the Rainbow'.

It seems as though the pot of gold is somewhere on Parker Point Road.

"After thunder, lightning and rain we got this view when departing from the island," delcond says.

"It's just beautiful."

Rotto Bloggo went to Wikipedia to remind ourself exactly how rainbows work, and we read this: 'Rainbow fringes can sometimes be seen at the edges of backlit clouds and as vertical bands in distant rain or virga.'

(Virga, of course, being falling rain that evaporates before reaching the ground).

delcond has some other excellent photos, including several of intense rain on the island.

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