Saturday, May 05, 2007

FOCUS on Rottnest?

We’re going to be overrun by travel agents later this year, and Rotto Bloggo is doing our bit to make sure the beautiful island makes the most of it.

About a thousand of “Australia's top travel agents and others involved in the industry” will be here in October, Tourism Minister Sheila McHale said earlier this week.

Travelscene American Express would hold its FOCUS 2007 conference at the hayshed.

But will they be making their way down the river?

“Apart from an expected direct economic impact of more than $3million, the State will benefit indirectly through the opportunity to show off to these key tourism vendors,” the Minister mused.

We hope so, and bugger the south-west or Wave Rock or the Bungle Bungles: what are authorities going to do about promoting Rottnest to these elite agents?

“The FOCUS 2007 conference will give delegates a 'true taste' of everything Western Australian," Travelscene general manager Leith Mills said in the Minister’s media release.

Everything includes Rottnest, so we look forward to seeing a Travelscene delegation landing in Thomson’s Bay.

Rotto Bloggo has written to Ms Mills at Travelscene just to make sure.

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