Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vera, Celia and a duck

More gold from the Sketchbook.

And a Flickr image to go with it.

“From a first glance at a modern map of Rottnest it would appear that the Nomenclature Committees of the past have been influenced by the Isle of Girls fable, for many island features bear girls’ names.

“We find Mabel Cove, Marjorie Bay, Lade Edeline Beach, Charlotte Beach, Catherine Beach, Joan Island, Henrietta Rocks, Vera Rocks, Nancy Cove, Mary Cove, Celia Rocks.”

You bet Celia rocks. The Sketchbook hypothethises Sir Gerald Strickland (WA Governor 1909-1913, who had an eventful life) started the trend as he had plenty of women around him: his wife Edeline and daughters Mabel, Mary, Cecilia and Henrietta (poor old Constance seems to have missed out on having something named after her).

Mind you, names change, appear and disappear. The map in the Sketchbook drawn by Riggers shows King Head between Mabel Cove and Eagle Bay, but it’s not on modern maps. Likewise with Point Clune, just west of Longreach and Fays Bay.

The superb image is from Flickr user Sonja Rainer…in which of Rotto’s “63 beaches and 20 bays” (RIA) are we?

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