Sunday, June 17, 2007

quokka rendezvous

More quokka sightings as we count the days until we’re on Rotto again.

German blogger Verena was on Rottnest a few months ago and liked what she saw.

(Although she seemed to wear the same clothes for the whole time she was in WA).

'For the following weekend I bought a ferry ticket to Fremantle, were I spent a great time till sunday. It is not far from Fremantle to Rottnest Island, were bikes can be hired to explore the small island by a quiet convenient way (as long as you get a good bike and don't mind cycling the whole day). Rottnest is famous for Quokkas (Tree Kangaroos), which were taken for rats by the first explorers of the island. So, the name of it. By the way, there I met my second australian snake.

Tree kangaroos? Hmm, not quite: tree kangaroos are macropods with long tails, but we’ve never seen a quokka in the trees.

Only 14 days until we’re on Rottnest: the bumf, including baggage tags, arrived today from the RIA.

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