Sunday, June 24, 2007

the ptites betes de Rottnest

More translation fun courtesy Babelfish: here's a French tourist enthusing about Rotto...

'Beautiful Sunday on ROTTNEST After having magnifying glass my reveil last Sunday, this time it etait good, us here left for ROTTNEST ISLAND, a small island opposite Perth.

'When German decouvrerent this island, they transfer full with enormous "rats" ("Nest Rats" in German) of or the name..... But it did not etait Rats but QUOKKAS, these ptites betes so much familieres that one would want of in rammener has the house... but good I do not think that the customs officers are of the same opinion lol And then it is the only place in the world, and yes you read well in the world, or one can see these small creatures!'

(Hmm. Not sure how Frederick de Houtman and Willem de Vlamingh will feel about being regarded as German...)

'Other particularite of this island, if one wishes y sejourner during the Australian ete and well it is necessary to have gains its place has the lottery if not quenini!!! And yes too many people wish to go on this island during the ete...

(We love to sejourner during the ete!).

'Another dimension surprising of the island: there is enormously poisonous snake but by chance I do not have any crosses! OUfffffffff We thus travelled by our bicycle and veiled us left for one day decouverte on this marvellous island!! Alle now I let to you decouvrir the photographs, Ca will be much more interressant that words ah if a derniere thing, has the other end of the world I meet auvergnats of clermont! EXCEL!!!!!!!!!!!'

(No photos to be seen - never mind. What/who are the auvergnats of clerment? It's a mistoire...)

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  1. A few of the uni boys are coming over and preparing to get maaaagggot.

    So we might ruin some of the fun for you 'adults'

    Our bark is worse then our bite tho.