Sunday, June 10, 2007

doing some bird

'Bird watching on Rottnest Island is always a small adventure, and it can spring surprises with the sighting of a bird rarely seen anywhere else, or the experience of encountering a species that is common elsewhere but never before been recorded on the island.

'The Rock Parrot is the only member of this family to live permanently on the island. The Willie Wagtail, Grey Butcherbird and Brush Bronzewing all occur on nearby Garden Island but not on Rottnest.

'There are few observations of breeding on the island and those that do exist might be based on only one observation. In the last decade eight species have been added to the list of birds known to breed on Rottnest.

'The history of the birdlife of Rottnest Island is by no means complete, and all observations made on and near the island are useful contributions to the ongoing story of the birds of RottnestIsland.'

From The Birds of Rottnest Island, by Birds Australia WA Inc. Photo courtesy Flickr user happy crumblers.

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