Monday, June 04, 2007

Western suburbs exam

It’s doing the email rounds again. In fact it’s never really gone away.

Like hoax virus warnings and the Mormons owning Coca-Cola, the ‘Western suburbs exam’ is as perennial as the grass.

We’re only mentioning it here because it’s hit our inbox again – for the 38th time – and reminded us it has a Rotto component:

14. Rick is finishing his TEE exams next week and is looking forward to leavers. Will he pick up more girls if he goes to Rottnest Island, where he can stay on his friend-of-a-family’s 52 foot Bertram moored in Thompson (sic) Bay, or should he put a P plate on his parent's Landcruiser and drive down to the family's two storey holiday house in Eagle Bay, Dunsborough?

Very amusing.

The latest Flickr image: another wonderful view of the beautiful island from on high.

Flickr user graveca took this photo three-and-a-half years ago, but only uploaded it last month.

Time to start counting: it’s 27 days until we’re on Rottnest again…

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