Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the -oolie suffix

Schoolie, toolie, droolie (a person over 40 who pathetically hangs out with schoolies trying to be hip and cool) - we thought we'd heard them all.

Although we're still a bit confused about toolie: yes, the common definition is someone older, like in this dictionary: 'Perhaps related to tool ‘a stupid person’ by comparison with schoolie ‘a student celebrating the end of final year exams.’ Alternately, it could be influenced by tool v. ‘to drive (an automobile); to cruise (around),’ particularly given the predatory undertones of toolie'.

Don't even get us started on zoolie...lordy.

We liked this blogging from a cute young kid called Sarah (schoolie of the future?) at Hillarys Primary School. "Some of the places I've been with Hilarys Primary School are AQUA, the Perth Zoo, Rottnest, the beach and the Maritime Museum," she says.

"Our school treats year 7's with very great respect. Some of the things we have done so far is have a 4 day trip to Rottnest, go beach swimming, and have people from such high schools as Duncraig and Padbury tell us about the advantages of going there the following year."

Respec' is when your school takes you to Rotto!

"Our school is kept in a very clean and neat stage. Litter is kept to a minimum and the gardener keeps the bushes green. Grafetti is cleaned on with in the week that it was made and after school hours security cameras are turned on. Windows are repaired very quickly too, although the windows being smashed stopped in around 2004."

Nothing like that happens on Rottnest either...certainly bakers don't steal furniture...no no no!

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