Sunday, June 03, 2007

paradis sans voiture

The good Rottnest stuff on the Internet isn’t restricted to Rotto Bloggo. There are more Rottnest things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

Morwenna, a recent visitor to the beautiful island, has this constructive criticism of Rotto tourist literature here, and also wrote about it on her MySpace blog.

YouTube user TTTAPU (aka chris G) wrote to Rotto Bloggo asking us to mention his Rottnest video work.

“I have been enjoying your blog, and thought you might be interested in a couple of small videos I have made and posted about Rottnest in Youtube,” s/he says.

“Love to know what you think, I am passionate about all things Rottnest.”

TTTAPU, we think they’re first-class. One of the videos has a Lucky Oceans tune as a soundtrack

‘Rottnest Island in Winter’ is a succession of still images, and ‘Rottnest Ferry and bike hire’ has great footage of the road leading to the big lighthouse, the hero swimming with stingrays and then remarking “What a place.”

More video: there’s this brief movie of a quokka made by some Dutch people (NB: don’t feed the animals on Rotto!).

“Paradis sans voiture,” exclaims travelling blogger Dede, after visiting the beautiful island.

Although our French isn’t what it used to be, we can see Dede loved Rottnest.

We were intrigued by the mention of the Aussie term Tax File Number in his post, too, so we fired up Babelfish and got this translation, which creates as many questions as it answers:

“If not, although I smell myself well here, I will not remain indefinitely, if not, I would never take off... I am reflecting over the next days. I will not delay to leave in north and to leave behind month my small Perth and the small life to which I am accustomed very quickly...! Ca will be the business of a few days! I recovered my Tax File Number and my bank card thus now I do not have any more obligations. I have the impression that all the backpackers migrate towards North to the research of heat and that worries me a little bus if it is the case, I go can be to have evil to find job and/or a place where to sleep! Finally in any event, is necessary that I move myself!!!”
Pic shows thronging crowd on ferry to Rotto. Similar scene on one of TTTAPU's videos.

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