Tuesday, April 27, 2010

chile on isle

Rotto Bloggo readers would have noticed that snide comment yesterday about missing the big Rottnest news while examining the E.Taxi ride.

It seems a Destiny's Chile member spent some time on the beautiful island.

We are always most amused when a skivvy-wearing, beret-topped, hand-wringing, NIMBY-proclaiming, tree-hugging, real lager-quaffing, Juliet balcony-standing, little dog-owning, ooshta-yearning lefty member of the lefty intelligentsia subtly implies he (or she) could do a better job than a fearless reporter in the trenches by the mean city streets.

We had to fire up the electric internets to find out more about the DC member, who is Kelly Rowland (but we say in our defence we knew Beyonce was in DC).

From what we can tell she is not as popular as that Justin Bieber bloke, but she is quite popular ("...total record sales, when combined with the group, have surpassed 60 million" according to Teh Wik.

Anyway - Kelly was not on Rotto, as this snap of a computer screen yesterday shows.

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  1. Bento6:19 PM

    I'm not suggesting I could do a better job than you, Outrage. Far from it! I'm suggesting the Sunday Times did do a better job than you. Which is a different thing entirely.

    It's okay, we all take our eyes off the ball sometimes. Just last week, I said I liked the Temper Trap, only to find they're at least 2 weeks unhip. For shame.