Thursday, April 22, 2010

secret taxi business

Except it wasn't secret.

Many thanks to legendary south-of-the-river blogger Fremantlebiz, who sent this exclusive pic of the Extraordinary Taxi on the beautiful island.

"I hate film crews at tourist destinations," someone peering over Rotto Bloggo's shoulder just said. "They tend to regard the public as an inconvenience and the local officials tend to go ga-ga."

Fremantlebiz has recently returned from a few glorious days on Rottnest -read his excellent reports here (he's on about endangered robins today). For more info on the Extraordinary Taxi, which was on the island on Monday, see here.


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I checked out your link to the official Extraordinary Taxi Ride site and it said of Rottnest: "One of the most unusual islands on earth is unusually close to Perth." For starters, Earth being in this case the name of the planet, I reckon it deserves to have a capital letter. Of greater concern is if Rottnest is unusually close to Perth, then where should it be usually?

  2. Many, many years ago a US sailor phoned for a taxi to come and pick him up - at the Rottnest Hotel.