Monday, April 05, 2010

flagging interest

A man in Japan has been asking about the Rotto flag plans.

Rotto Bloggo was excited to get a Christmas Island flag on our birthday: the magnificent object features a golden bosun bird, the Southern Cross, and an outline of the island.

We shared this excitement and the man in Japan asked: “Does Rotto have a flag?”

It does now: here is Rotto Bloggo’s elegantly simple brilliant design featuring no bird, no stars, and an outline of the island.

The traditional Rottnest orange surrounded by the deep blue of the 127 beaches and 443 bays of the beautiful island.

Does it work? Would you be happy running this up your pole?

Could be worse: our superb creation, the Indian Ocean speck (and the delightful Mediterranean destination that is Cyprus) work better than banners like Andhra Pradesh, the stylised Gaza on Al-Aqsa University and NZ’s Chatham Islands.

Copyright acknowledgements:
Christmas Island flag by Zeljko Heimer, Cyprus flag by Martin Grieve, Andhra Pradesh flag by Antonio Martins, Al-Aqsa University flag by Eugene Ipavec, Chatham Islands flag by Jaume Olle.


  1. shazza7:33 AM

    Love it. You run it up the pole and I'll salute.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    You should register it as a trademark quick smart.

  3. Bento9:56 AM

    The orange is a lovely touch.

  4. I like it a lot. the orange is perfect :)
    I'm sure the RIB would want a quokka in there somewhere though.

  5. All those island outlines ones look like shit. The C I one in particular a real stinker. I'd suggest another tack.

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