Thursday, April 15, 2010

quokka shocker

It's an outrage: the quokka is not worthy of critical assessment.

We were speechless with rage this week when we learned of popular US blog Animal Review's lack of attention towards the quokka.

AR has looked at the jellyfish, the alligator, the bullet ant - but zip on Setonix brachyurus.

Rotto Bloggo resisted writing to AR: we know to let the red mist descend before firing out indignant emails.

But we will be sending a cross missive to Jake Lentz and Steve Nash - and encourage our entourage to do the same.

Perhaps it is just as well there has been no AR microscope on the quokka.

Mr Lentz and Mr Nash make several juvenile attempts at humour about the jellyfish using the same outlet for its mouth and anus.

Would our fair creature escape similar ridicule for some perceived fault or strangeness?

Outstanding quokka pic from Wikipedia:

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