Friday, April 23, 2010


Only 65 days to go until Rotto Bloggo is next scheduled to be on the beautiful island.

We will pack our Rottnest Society T-shirt - and also this marvellous new garment when we snap it up at Red Bubble.

Rotto 6161 is the latest fabulous design from fashion force House of Skink.

We can't understand why the City of Perth doesn't share Skink's dreams.

The four digits form Rotto's postcode, but they also happen to be the combined number of beaches and bays on the beautiful island, and the number of Scrabble games Rotto Bloggo was won while on a Thomson Bay balcony.

We decided against buying a Rottnest Channel Swim shirt this year - how many Ts does a man need, to paraphrase Tolstoy? - but we regretted it later.

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