Sunday, April 11, 2010

rotto servo?

Does Rottnest have a service station? Does it have a dole office? Is there a university?

Hmmm. This site invites you to show what's on the beautiful island: "You can show your expertise of Australia by contributing and refining the information Bonzle has about Rottnest Island".

But why be satisfied with merely clicking? "Do you have a photo of Rottnest Island gathering cyber dust on your hard drive? Why not upload it and share your information with other Bonzle users."

Hmmm. What, pray tell, is Bonzle? We hadn't heard of it before. It's by Digital Atlas Pty Ltd and "it uses data from a variety of sources including those listed on the data sources page and like all such data is potentially inaccurate, probably incomplete and not up-to-date".

Indeed: "The nearest sealed road to Rottnest Lighthouse is Queen Victoria Street (23.5km away)."

Like Wikipedia, but not quite as popular?

Thinking about it, Rottnest should have a uni. We fancy ourselves as the Vice-Chancellor of Thomson Bay.

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  1. There is a university of sorts. It's the old house hidden amongst junk on the southern side of the airstrip near the tramline. It's where academic researchers shack up when they are working on scientific observations to further their university careers.