Saturday, April 17, 2010

brown water

A Rotto Bloggo associate regularly rants about the boaties in Thomson Bay and elsewhere: he is convinced they empty their toilets in the water.

"How many of them are going to do the right thing and motor out to where they can dump their sewage?" he frequently questions.

For those needing a reminder of dos and don't's with ones and twos, see here.

We were reminded of our associate's angst by this report from yesterday:

"round the island to different bays - all beautiful, sunbathed on white sandy beaches and snorkelled on the coral reef! saw lots of fish including a massive sting ray which ste swam right over and shit himself!!! (he was busy thinking of what happened to steve irwin!!! - crikey cant lose another ste!!!)".

Yikes. There's a day-old floater somewhere: alas the Mitchells don't reveal in which of the 332 bays or 602 beaches this evacuation happeend.

But they were able to post a microreview of Setonix brachyurus: "also saw the quokkas - king sized rats that are actually cute, they are like mini kangaroos!!"

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