Sunday, May 02, 2010

smart traveller

Only 63 days until we are next on the beautiful island. It is considerably longer until we are in India and Nepal, when we have a month on the sub-continent, and hopefully a couple of days in Honkers and 16 hours in China tacked on the end.

Rotto Bloggo being the organised outfit we are, we have checked out and signed up to the government's Smart Traveller site.

Most countries are safe as houses: the biggest worry in Austria, for example, is probably missing your stop on the underground train because you're staring at someone over 70 and wondering what he did during the war.

But other places are riskier: the Niger travel advice doesn't mince words, for example.

We have modified it if the Feds need to issue one for Rottnest...

# We strongly advise you not to travel outside the main settlement because of the very high threat of running out of water, the unpredictable fishing situation, the risk of seeing a boat link-up and clashes between quokkas and ospreys.

# If you are on Rottnest, you should consider leaving, as Rotto Bloggo wants all the fish for himself. Australians who decide to remain on Rottnest should ensure that they have personal security measures in place against hungry seagulls. You should monitor local information sources like outstanding Rotto blog Rotto Bloggo for details about the safety and security environment.

# There is an ongoing high threat of drunkenness against anyone in the north region of Thomson Bay, and a serious risk of being thrashed at Scrabble. If you do decide to travel outside Thomson Bay, you should travel in daylight, in convoy and with a local guide. Foreigners have been seduced from their vehicles in the past by island mermaids.

# The political and security situation on Rottnest is unpredictable following a sex scandal on the mainland in April 2010.

# You should avoid the fruit from the Moreton Bay figs in the settlement area as they may be very slippery when you're walking home with a skinful.

# You can't get the paper until 0830. The Electric Intertubes provides news until then. There's nothing sorrier than seeing someone at the shops at 0800 looking for the paper.

# Be a smart traveller. Before heading to Rottnest:

* remember the fish smoker
* you can't pack too many tea towels, poo tickets or books.

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  1. Ah yes, the fish smoker and don't forget the pipe for a good hit of occy on the run!

    Pleased to be able to say that our 'warm up' for two weeks on Rottnest in late October is a week in Mauritius at Club Med.

    After a week OS, we come back for a week, then it's off to the 'Main Event', the glorious Rottnest Island and our very own bungalow accommodation.