Thursday, May 27, 2010

quokkas smash penguins

It has been a titanic battle, but Rottnest has emerged the victor.

Someone from Singapore fired the first salvo: "Will be in Perth first week of June and other than the city, would like to include a day trip. Which of the two for better encounter, thought penguins are all out in the sea during the day? Should I do a glass bottom boat tour at Penguin or Rottnest? These day trips are all quite expensive though for a family of five. Any advice?"

A Perthite responded to the challenge: "Rotto is an " inhabited" island with cafe, shop/s, hotel. You can bike around and have a day out. Penguin Island is uninhabited except for wildlife. They do not compare. It depends on what " encounter" you are looking for. I have done neither glass bottom tour so cannot comment."

They do not compare. We like the sound of that.

Then a local shot himself in the foot: "I can't compare the two either, but please be aware that the ferries to Rotto are a bit limited this time of year so you'll need to plan well. I discovered this firsthand when I was trying to make bookings for an overseas visitor. We never did get it sorted as the limited ferries presented too many logistical problems for us."

Logistical problems? Last time we looked there are plenty of ferries to the beautiful island, even when there is just a lot more water than usual.

The Perthite blotted his copybook with a limp-wristed claim you should not do any winter Rottnest swimming: "Howzat's link is very good and Melnq8 makes an excellent personal observation. Both posts do lead to one observation - trips to either island demand reasonable weather. Limited ferries could be due to the time of the year i.e. winter weather - wind and/or rain. Next week the weather is looking decidely unfriendly for water activities and it is definitely too cold to swim IMO."

Rotto Bloggo has been immersed in the water in July and is all the better for it.

The concluding blast: "I've been to both many times and in my opinion Rottnest is a far better option for a day trip (though as you stated it is an expensive outing). To save some monies leave from Fremantle and try to pick a nice day that is not too windy. Bike riding is fun but may not suit your family as it is a rather tiring ride. There are very good bus services on the Island. The Bayseeker bus is good value for a family."

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