Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Rotness? Rotnest? WIP?

We have been scratching our head at the latest item on the Internet about something associated with the beautiful island.

"As Someone requested me the Rottnest Express Logo, here it is and a W.I.P of a livery on a Mini !," says this on something called Forzamotorsport Forums.

"i might add some stuff on it, and i plan to choose another car to make another livery of the Rotness Express. Any comments are welcomed, and any ideas/suggestions of which other car i should choose !!"

The Rottnest Express people might like it.

Does it mean there will be another vehicle on the beautiful island?

"wow that looks great. I don't know what it is but looks fantastic," someone on FF said.

The livery creator said: "Haha , i dont really not either. i had this request about "Rottnest Express" and searching on the web, seems like its about "trips" "tour" ,"travels" in Australia ."

More head-scratching.

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  1. Bento6:40 PM

    The European Mini appears to have a different back end to the Australian model. It looks quite a bit chunkier. But I like it.