Monday, May 10, 2010

free thongs?

We were snapped out of our funk today by this travel writing in the national daily broadsheet, which had someone saying the beautiful island was like Bali's Bukit peninsula and the Greek islands.

Hmmm: "...he points out the big stash of toiletries, the pillow menu, the two
styles of dressing gown, the complimentary sarong and beach basket, the fridge stocked with little bottles of Italian fizzy pop in neon colours, the espresso machine, iPod loaded with cool tunes (customised according to my pre-check in requests) and then, with a whoosh, he pushes open a ceiling-high door to reveal the plunge pool."

What, pray tell, is a pillow menu?

You say Bukit, we say...much better is this item from Fremantlebiz: his writing is far superior to any lumbering travel writer. Today he's on about the big lighthouse. We love lines like: "My favourite historical Rottnest Lighthouse photo is one taken of..." - it implies any right-thinking person would have at least a dozen photos of the historic pile.

Some are more terse about their island adventures. This blogger was able to say more about what s/he didn't buy at Myer than the emotion of Rottnest:
Heading to Rottnest. Its an island 25 minutes about 1.5 hours away from Perth by Ferry + admission entrance fee. Am taking the train around the place.
Checking out from Perth City YHA- and heading to Sydney by plane.

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