Saturday, September 23, 2006

Too good for the poolroom

Art and Rotto are inextricable.
This year, at Brett Heady’s Family Fun Centre, Rotto Bloggo looked like ‘The Scream’ when he lost a game of mini-golf.
He evokes Rodin’s famous image ‘The Thinker’ when taking 15 minutes over a Scrabble decision.
And our fishing exploits on the rocks recall Winslow Homer’s finest work.
The art connection continues: two Perth artists are having an exhibition on the island next month.
Maree Mack does the paintings while Michele Petrie handles the sculpture.
As reported in the fabulous Western Suburbs Weekly, the exhibition (called Treasured Island) will be on display at the Salt Store Gallery and Exhibition Space in Thompson Bay from October 7 to 15.
Photo of the photo (taken by the brilliant Andrew Ritchie) in the WSW shows a Mack painting.

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